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    please make sure your contact PHONE and EMAIL are valid. We will give you a call or email before the delivery. Thanks for your cooperation and nice to serve you.
    Your curr Server: EU - Zingara EU
    10 Aoc Gold $ 6.40
    20 Aoc Gold $ 12.80
    30 Aoc Gold $ 18.24
    40 Aoc Gold $ 24.19
    50 Aoc Gold $ 30.08
    60 Aoc Gold $ 35.90
    70 Aoc Gold $ 41.75
    80 Aoc Gold $ 47.62
    90 Aoc Gold $ 53.28
    100 Aoc Gold $ 58.88
    200 Aoc Gold $ 116.86
    300 Aoc Gold $ 174.72
    400 Aoc Gold $ 232.45
    500 Aoc Gold $ 289.60


    Age of Conan Gold is open to order Now. Welcome to our Age of Conan store! We provide Age of Conan Gold for nearly all the servers of Age of Conan. Simply select the amount you need below and click "Buy Now". Purchase Age of Conan Gold online & power up your character to the next level. We strive to offer the fastest and most reliable service on the web for all your gaming needs. Feel free to contact our 24 hour live chat or email us with any further questions you may have.

    Please remember to include the following information with your payment.
    --Game server name
    --Character name
    --Phone number

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    Delivery information.
    The gold will be sent via in game mail, please make sure the server and character name inputted is correct.

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